The official theme of PLACE 18 is (re)connect.

PLACE 18 offers a collaborative space for students to engage with influential academics and professionals regarding today’s emerging planning issues. Our aim is to encourage attendees from different provinces to gather together and learn from one another. Planners and geographers across Canada encounter situations unique to each province, territory, or region.

Time to Reconnect

Under (re)connect, four areas of focus emerge:


Identifying and creating connections between citizens, industry, and other professional disciplines is critical to effectively turning ideas into implementable policy.

The merging of different urban planning concepts and philosophies to create a cohesive community, however large or small, is a cornerstone of modern planning design.

The processes, policies, and frameworks in which our elected officials and government bodies harmonize the desires of the public, with the practices within the field of planning.

Projects close to home that identify best and worst practices for planning.