Source: Twitter @RYSURP, 2017

Source: Twitter @RYSURP, 2017

SURP IS TURNING 50 in 2019-2020!

At Ryerson’s School of Urban and Regional Planning (SURP), outstanding learning opportunities in the classroom and in the field prepare undergraduate and graduate students to become engaged and critical planning professionals.

Communities are complex entities with their own needs, structures and rules — and planners are the ones who guide their operation and promote their growth. Drawing on their understanding of land-use concepts and strategies, planners create and implement plans to develop and enhance regional, urban, suburban and rural communities. Ryerson undergraduates will advise on planning decisions related to social, economic, cultural, land-development, transportation, resource development, environmental, heritage and other issues.

Ryerson’s Master of Planning (MPl) in Urban Development combines holistic examination and analysis of economic, socio-cultural, political, ecological and spatial elements in reimagining our communities, structured around the intertwined dimensions of urban culture and nature. Students explicitly address the principles of inclusivity and sustainability in designing for development.

For more information about the programs we offer, please visit the Urban and Regional Planning Website here.