The Geography And Planning Students’ Society (GAPSS) advocates and supports students in the Human Geography and Planning programs at the University of Alberta, or students interested in issues surrounding Human Geography and Planning. Particularly, GAPSS serves its students through academic, professional, and social programming. Academically, GAPSS provides information about professors, classes, graduate school opportunities, and conferences, facilitating mentorship and study programs. Professionally, GAPSS organizes professional workshops and networking events to allow students to meet and learn from individuals in the workshop. Socially, GAPSS organizes social events to create a venue for students to meet other students, and professors in the department.

The Geography and Planning Students’ Society (GAPSS) at the University of Alberta recognizes the value of national conferences as they provide students with professional, academic, and social support, as well as opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students alike. 

This year, GAPSS is introducing a National Student Planning Conference under the name of PLACE 18.

For more information on GAPSS, check out their website here